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Modern Languages


The Modern Languages Department is a vibrant and outward looking place to be where children can learn French or Spanish. There are also legacy groups in Years 8 to 11 studying German. There is an incredible range of visits abroad with Year 10 pupils travelling every summer to Nice, Salamanca and Cologne. Sixth form students take part in a work experience visit to France and go to language schools in Spain and Germany.


Mr A MacCallum – Head of Department


For the Modern Languages Learning Journeys, please visit the links below:


Students begin in Year 7 with half the year learning French and half the year learning Spanish. In Years 8 and 9, students study either French or Spanish. At the end of Year 7 in June/July, parents are asked to express a preference for either French or Spanish via a Microsoft Form For further information please see our Main School Prospectus.


Students can study French, German or Spanish in Years 10 and 11. On these GCSE Language courses you will build on the foundations of Years 7 – 9 to become independent and confident linguists. You will learn new vocabulary and more advanced grammar to help you communicate more effectively.

Useful documents for Modern Languages at KS4 can be found here with vocab lists:

French vocabulary bank

German vocabulary bank

Spanish vocabulary bank


For further information please see our KS4 Options Booklet 2024


At A Level we offer courses in French, German and Spanish.

The French A Level syllabus extends naturally the skills developed at GCSE, but with a new focus on social issues and cultural life.  Topics studied are similar to those touched on at GCSE but are studied in more depth, moving on from the student’s own world to the wider world of bigger issues and events.

On the Spanish A Level course the focus is on the four skill areas of reading, speaking, writing and listening. Students will have an opportunity to work with interactive technology in their learning and to access primary source material from language assistants, visitors and internet links.

German A Level students develop not only higher speaking, listening, reading and writing skills but also a chance to develop translation techniques and understand the reasons behind, as well as the rules of, German grammar.

For further information please see our Associated Sixth Form Prospectus

Additional Learning Resources

Please speak to your teacher to get the username and password for our Linguascope subscription. Accessing this resource every week can greatly improve grades. All pupils in KS3 and KS4 also have an ActiveLearn account where they can receive and submit homework in the form of listening files, vocabulary learning and comprehension tasks.

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