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Sociology is a popular new subject, available only at A Level, and crosses over with a lot of subjects such as History, English, Science and Humanities. It is an essay based subject. Successful candidates are those who can write long answers confidently and bring information together in a sophisticated and analytical style. Evaluation is the key in Sociology, you must be able to create balanced arguments from different theories and research. Sociology allows you to debate current issues and is one of the rare subjects where your opinion counts! As this is a subject of past and contemporary society, Sociology also allows you to keep up to date with current affairs and the news.


Mrs Y Wraight – Head of Department


The central aims of the A Level course in Sociology are to examine relationships and inequalities between individuals and the effects that social, economic and political influences may have on them and to develop within students a critical understanding of society.

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Additional Learning Resources

Please visit Microsoft Teams for Sociology Resources or speak to your teacher regarding additional learning resources within the department.

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