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Science Faculty


At St. Aidan’s we believe Science should be dynamic, interesting, inspiring and challenging for all students.


Mr M Park – Head of Science

Dr M Bryant – Head of Biology

Mr M Symes – Head of Chemistry, Applied Science and Assistant Head of Science

Mr J Wilson- Head of Physics


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All pupils have three periods of Science in Years 7 and 8. The National Curriculum programme of study is taught through an active experimental and investigative approach, which engages pupils and encourages their full participation.

In Year 9, the Separate Sciences are taught to all pupils, by specialist teachers. All pupils have one period a week of each Separate Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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All Science courses in Years 10 and 11 are courses that encompass all three Science subjects; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Science is offered in three ways which allows the best one suited to an individual pupil’s needs to be selected.  All student have two periods per week for each individual Science, again taught by specialist teachers.

For further information please see our KS4 Options Booklet 2024



At A Level we offer courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science.

The Science options at KS5 are very popular, with many students continuing their study of Science beyond A level.

The A Level Biology course provides a coherent and thorough understanding of Biology and its relevance to areas like modern medicine and gene technology.

The Chemistry A Level course is built around 6 modules, focusing on all key aspects of organic, inorganic and physical Chemistry.

Physics A Level gives students the opportunity to study a range of scientific areas including Particles and Radiation, Mechanics, Thermal Physics and Electricity.

The Applied Science qualification allows learners to acquire technical and employability skills through the knowledge and understanding of science. It provides a range of scientific experiences, covering aspects of Chemistry, Physics and Biology, as well as laboratory and industrial science.

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Additional Learning Resources

Please visit Teams for Science resources or speak to your Science teacher regarding additional learning resources within the department.  Through KS3 and GCSE students have access to Educake, an online platform for homework, questions and self testing.  Also at GCSE we provide access to Focus e-learning, Isaac Physics and Kerboodle.


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