“Here are a few of the unpleasant’st words that ever blotted paper!”
W Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice”


Miss S Fairburn – Head of Department
Mrs R Lewis – Second in English
Mr D Bean – Teacher of English, Head of Year
Miss M Chanter – Teacher of English & Second in Learning Support
Mr C Kidman – Teacher of English, Head of Sixth Form
Mrs C King – Teacher of English, Head of ILC
Ms M McInally – Teacher of English
Mrs A Parris – Teacher of English
Dr S Pickford – Teacher of English, responsibility for ET Status & Creative Writing
Miss L Rhodes – Teacher of English, KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs C Rosser – Teacher of English, responsibility for Media Studies (P/T)
Mrs E Shores – Teacher of English & Worship Co-ordinator
Mrs K Blackburn-Teacher of English
Mrs F Trought – Teacher of English, KS5 Co-ordinator

Aims Of The Department

  • Promote an enquiring and lively interest in English, Literature and Media Studies
  • Demonstrate to students how to develop writing, reading and speaking/listening skills
  • Enable students to achieve the highest possible grades/levels
  • Encourage students to achieve their potential
  • Foster an enthusiasm for wider/independent reading and research
  • Cultivate an approach which is supportive and which enables pupils to be questioning and searching, respecting their opinions of others whilst also being able to articulate their own ideas
  • Enable students to reach conclusions about issues that affect them in an open yet supportive environment so that they may develop self-confidence and express themselves effectively
  • Raise student awareness of the historical, social and cultural influences on text