Mr D Walker – Head of Department

Mr G L Daly – KS5 Co-Ordinator
Mrs R Barclay – KS3 Co-Ordinator
Mr J Burley
Mr A Christy
Miss J Cliff
Mrs C Foster
Mr B Hardy
Miss S Hendrick
Mrs C Hunter
Mr T Cottrill
Mr P Lamb

Mrs C James

Mr R Newton
Mrs A Payling


The Mathematics Team are committed and energetic. They provide the children with chances to join the Mathematics Club, enter national and regional competitions and achieve success on many fronts.

The Mathematics Department has three main roles:

  • to help pupils achieve the very best mathematical qualifications of which they are capable
  • to provide the mathematical skills which are needed by pupils when working on other subjects
  • to stimulate interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics in its own right

Some GCSE Maths revision advice for parents and students.

The Importance of Times Tables

For a BBC link concerning changed calculation methods in schools click here.


Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 are being prepared for the new AQA GCSE

Periodically the Maths Department will place orders for revision guides for our KS4 classes. If you wish to purchase them please contact the Maths department directly.

A Level

Students follow the OCR Specification.

AS Mathematics modules studied in Year 12: Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1

AS Further Mathematics modules studied in Year 12: Further Pure 1, Decision 1 and Mechanics 1

A2 Mathematics modules studied in Year 13: Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1

Typical A2 Further Mathematics modules studied in Year 13: Further Pure 2, Mechanics 2, Statistics 2 and either Mechanics 3 or Statistics 3.