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The aim of the History department is to excite and enthuse students about exploring the past. As they develop historical understanding, they grasp the shape of the past and gain an informed insight into the present.


Dr F Murray – Head of Department


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After starting Year 7 with a brief look at the Romans and a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings, key stage 3 students proceed through a tour of the second millennium AD, with the Medieval Realms, English Civil War, slavery and the horrors of Auschwitz and Hiroshima.

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The GCSE History course follows on from some of the highlights of the Key Stage 3 course and particularly those in Year 9 History, so if you have enjoyed History in Year 9 it is likely you will enjoy it at GCSE.

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At A Level we offer courses in History and Ancient History.

At A Level History, our course is split into three components: Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964, The Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007 and Historical Investigation.

For Ancient History A level, there are two areas of study, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Students will study the relations between Greek states and between Greek and non-Greek states, 492–404 BC. Whilst looking at Ancient Rome, students will study the Julio-Claudian Emperors, the first dynasty of Roman emperors, from 31 BC–AD 68, focusing on the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius and Nero.

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Additional Learning Resources

Please speak to your History teacher regarding additional learning resources within the department.


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