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Effective careers education and guidance helps inspire students and enables them to make informed decisions about their future. It provides them with the information to understand enough about the world of work to know what skills they need to succeed. Research shows that effective careers education leads to improved behaviour, motivation and performance in lessons.  

The document below explains the Gatsby Benchmarks:  

The Gatsby Benchmarks  

Benchmark 4: Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers  

 We all play a vital role in inspiring students to raise their aspirations and to consider careers they hadn’t thought of. Benchmark 4 states:  

“All teachers should link curriculum learning with careers. STEM subject teachers should highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of future career paths”  

Useful Websites:  

The following websites have videos, lesson plans and resources for embedding careers across the curriculum. 

Gatsby Benchmark 4 | CEC Resource Directory ( 

careers_in_the_curriculum_report_what_works.pdf ( 

Careers – BBC Bitesize 

LifeSkills | Developing work and life skills (  

HOME | MYPATH Careers Resources (  

Future Goals- Videos highlighting careers across different sectors  

home – icould– Real life careers videos, advice and information to inspire career decision making 

Career sectors and professions for school leavers | TARGET careers 

Teaching resources | My World of Work  

Subject Specific Resources:  

Find your perfect role in the creative industries – Creative Careers ( 

Home – Maths Careers 

Marketing History / Secondary / Historical Association 

Search – D&T Association ( STEM Careers 

Making the case resources – Association for Language Learning ( 

What is chemical engineering? – whynotchemeng – IChemE 

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers – Tomorrow’s Engineers (

Neon – Brilliant inspiration for STEM teachers ( 

If you need any help or support with embedding careers activities into your lessons, then please contact us on , or call up and see us.  

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