Government & Politics


Dr F Murray – Head of Subject

Miss H Strickland

Miss E Reynard

Here are 8 reasons to consider studying Government and Politics A Level:

Here are 8 reasons to consider studying Government and Politics A Level:

1. Politics is about power

Government and Politics will explore how power is distributed in the British political system. Find out how to gain power, how power may be used, and where power lies. What could be more important than that?

2. Politics is about understanding current affairs

Studying Government and Politics will help you decode the language and messages of politicians. Among other things, learn the difference between left and right wing, between an MP and an MEP, and why an MSP, Nicola Sturgeon, has more influence than most MPs. Watching the news will never be the same again!

3.Politics is about how the world is run

Government and Politics looks at the people and institutions that make important decisions. The subject will help shape your views on a whole range of topical questions from lowering the voting age to the debates over wind farms. It’s invaluable to know about how the world works.

4. Politics is learning how to argue and debate

Besides the content, studying Government and Politics develops important skills to enable you to express yourself more clearly and persuasively. Being able to put forward a clear argument is an invaluable skill.

5. Politics is valued by universities

A substantial number of past students have studied Government and Politics to degree level, several at Oxbridge. The subject can open doors to a variety of different careers, such as the Civil Service, Teaching, Law, the military, accountancy, journalism and management.

6. Politics complements other A Level subjects

For some students, studying Government and Politics sits well alongside other humanity subject like History or Economics. Alternatively, it makes an ideal fourth A Level for those wishing to show breadth in their Sixth Form studies.

7. Politics has a record of excellence

Whisper it quietly, but Government and Politics has been one of the top-performing subjects in the 6th Form for many years. The dedicated and experienced team of teachers have consistently had good results.

8. Politics is fun!

If you want a subject that’s new, current and constantly changing, then Government and Politics is worth considering. Our aim is to help you to enjoy studying politics as much as we do.