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The majority of students come to this subject with no previous academic experience of studying Politics. The course is designed to cater for students who know little about the subject as well as those who already have an awareness of politics. The best starting point is to have an interest in current affairs.


Dr F Murray – Head of Department


Politics at A Level is divided into three parts. In section A of Component 1 (UK Politics) we explore the topics of democracy, participation, political parties, elections and voting behaviour. In section B we look at three core ideologies: conservatism, liberalism and socialism. In section A of Component 2 (UK Government) we explore the constitution, parliament, prime minister, and the relationships between the different branches of government. In section B we look at a non-core ideology: feminism. In Component 3 we explore the politics and government of the USA in terms of the Constitution, Congress, presidency, Supreme Court as well as democracy and participation. The comparative element assesses and evaluates the US political system with the UK. This is an exam-only qualification: all three components are equally weighted and examined in 2 hour papers.

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Additional Learning Resources

Please visit Moodle VLE for the Politics Independent Study Programme. Students also have access to prechewed politics, which has a wealth of resources to support the course. All teachers are happy to discuss additional learning resources within the Politics department.


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