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In Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills through creative thinking to design and manufacture products that meet human needs. They learn to think creatively to improve the quality of life and solve problems as individuals and members of a team. Through technology material areas, pupils develop confidence in using practical skills and become discriminating users of products. They apply their creative thinking and learn to innovate.


Mrs J Betteridge – Head of Department


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Across key stage 3 students will study Product Design, Textiles and Food & Nutrition. Each material area offers the students the opportunity to explore the world around them; and design, plan and make a variety of products to solve every day problems. Independent learning, problem solving and creative thinking form the core of skills in all Design and Technology subjects.

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At GCSE level, students have the opportunity to study Design and Technology, Engineering Manufacture, Food and Nutrition and Textiles.

In Design and Technology, students learn to use their imagination, innovation and creativity to design and make a range of sophisticated products, while also applying their practical and technical expertise. Students learn about the materials and processes that underpin the design and manufacture of everyday products through a variety of focused practical projects.

Engineering manufacture is a discipline of engineering dealing with the use of precision machines, tools and equipment to turn raw materials into new products. Students develop their core skills through working in a hands-on way to manufacture a variety of high-quality products.

Food and Nutrition is an excellent choice for students interested in finding out about food and nutrition and how each influences the ever-expanding range of food products available to us. Much of the work is practical, giving students the opportunity to develop new skills in the preparation and cooking of food.

In Textiles, students will get the opportunity to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise through a wide variety of unique projects. Students will gain awareness and learn from wider influences on Fashion, Design and Technology including historical, social, cultural and environmental factors.

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In our Associated Sixth Form, we offer courses in Food Science and Nutrition, Product Design – Fashion and Textiles and Product Design – 3D Design.

Food Science and Nutrition is an Applied General qualification that has been designed to support learners progressing to University. It is an academic, creative and innovative course that encourages students to take a broad view of food science and nutrition.

Studying A Level Fashion and Textiles will provide you with the ideal preparation for higher level qualifications in the visual arts and for exciting career opportunities in the fast-moving fashion and textile industry.

In Product Design – 3D Design, you will learn a broad range of practical skills, as well as acquiring knowledge and understanding of materials and processes that will engage you with the principles and practices of Product Design.

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Additional Learning Resources

The Technology department have various electronic textbooks and internet based resources for Food GCSE and A level students. Access to these resources are username and password protected and access can be arranged by any member of staff in the Food department.


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