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St. Aidan’s has enjoyed a national reputation for the excellence of its rich musical life for many years. Practical music-making using students’ vocal abilities and a wide range of instruments is an essential part of the curriculum and the wider extra-curricular programme.

The department runs an extensive range of large and small scale extra-curricular ensembles, including bands, choirs and orchestras. These meet on a weekly basis throughout the year and very frequently perform in school and in the local community, as well as on the national stage in music festivals and annually on the summer music tours abroad. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop their skills in performing, arranging, composing, organising and conducting to the very highest level possible.


Mr M Pallant – Director of Music


Year 7 – 9 students embark on a series of engaging and stimulating units of work including film music, rap, blues and jazz, song writing and musicals. Seventeen peripatetic staff from the NYCC Music Service teach a whole range of musical instruments and voices.

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GCSE Music explores a wide range of music through practical methods which will allow you to play to your strengths. To begin with your teacher will give you a firm grounding in a variety of compositional techniques, including those which use music technology.

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At A Level we offer courses in both Music and Music Technology.

A Level Music will provide students with the knowledge and experience required for all forms of Further and Higher Education. It will give them an understanding, and encourage the appreciation of many music genres in many contexts. The areas of study are chosen for their interest to all candidates and with much scope to use music technology if desired.

The Music Technology A Level course provides opportunities to embrace recent developments in the field.  The specification involves much practical work and encourages the cultivation of a wide range of skills. Students will have opportunities to sequence MIDI, sequence audio, record live instruments, produce CDs and compose using music technology.

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Additional Learning Resources

Please visit Moodle VLE for Music resources or speak to your teacher regarding additional learning resources within the department.

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Peripatetic Music Lessons

Brass Instruments

Clarinet & Saxophone

Drum & Percussion Instruments

Upper String Instruments

Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Voice, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon and Lower strings (Cello and Double Bass)

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