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EPQ – Extended Project Qualification


EPQ is an opportunity for students to flourish as independent, motivated and enterprising learners. The Extended Project affords them more flexibility and control over their studies than ever before.


Mrs R Buchan – Head of Department


Students will have the opportunity alongside their core Sixth Form curriculum to take part in the AQA Level 3 Extended Project Qualification.  The programme is designed to increase the breadth and depth of study in their selected subject area, and to gain essential skills for university or employment applications.  We are aware that competition for university places is increasing, and that predicted A Level grades alone will not guarantee an offer.  By offering this programme we hope to strengthen our students’ applications and prospects through the development of skills such as research, critical thinking, referencing and academic writing.

For further information please see our Associated Sixth Form Prospectus

Additional Learning Resources

Project Q: This is where students will be able to complete their Production Log Book and access tutorials that have been delivered by their supervisors. It also offers a ‘reflective journal’ space where students can reflect on the EPQ process and record further information to help meet the Assessment Objectives. Project Q allows both the student and supervisor to access the Production Log, making it easier to provide constructive feedback and more efficient to meet deadlines.

Future Learn: This is an online platform that can support students with a number of academic courses, not just the EPQ. Universities and colleges upload online courses that help prepare students for A Levels and Higher Education. We encourage all of our EPQ students to complete the ‘Developing Your Research Project’ delivered by the University of Southampton to further equip them with the skills required to succeed in the EPQ.

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