The study of Geography focuses on the major issues facing society today. It is designed to lead you to an understanding of the nature and origin of these issues and the various ways in which they might be managed effectively.


Mrs S Stone – Head of Geography
Mrs R Barron – Acting Head of Department (Maternity)
Mr J Cleminson
Mrs K Kilsby (Maternity Cover)
Mrs A Lennox
Miss J Miller

Mrs C Robinson
Mrs K Orton

Aims and Objectives

The Geography Department at St. Aidan’s aims to involve all the pupils we teach in learning geography, enjoyably, to the highest standards possible for them.

We do this by providing a well planned and varied KS3 course and by choosing examination courses which will challenge pupils whilst encouraging them to continue their geographical learning to an even higher level.

We aim to deliver high quality teaching, learning and assessment so that pupils will enjoy Geography, appreciate its value and importance and see it within the wider context of their curriculum experience.

We aim to attempt, as far as possible, to differentiate between pupils of different ability levels and to provide the best resources for teaching and learning that time and money will allow.

We aim to recognise the unique potential of each pupil so that they can feel a sense of achievement at the end of each lesson, term and year. We treat pupils with courtesy and value each of them equally.

We provide learning environments which are as pleasant as we can make them and set high standards of behaviour within them. We aim for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in lessons.

Within lessons we are committed to promoting our pupils’ personal and social, as well as intellectual development. In our lessons we teach the importance of good citizenship and stewardship of the environment as well as literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

We aim to provide learning opportunities out of school, as well as within the building and grounds, with organised fieldwork and homework suggestions.