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Through studying Geography, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them grow up in an increasingly complex world.


Mrs A Lennox – Head of Department


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Throughout Years 7 to 9 we cover a variety of Geography topics, selected to equip students with an excellent knowledge and understanding about the world around them. Whilst these topics support the study of Geography higher up the school, they also encourage students to develop a curiosity about the issues, places, people and events, and support students in their development of a range of skills.

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At GCSE, students will follow the AQA specification. This is an interesting and varied course, perfect for any student who has enjoyed their study of Geography at KS3. Key geographical ideas are taught through the use of up-to-date, real life examples. Lessons are delivered through a variety of teaching methods, including discussions, group work, debates, fieldwork, role play, presentations, video clips, map work, ICT and personal research.

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At A-level, Geographers follow the Edexcel specification. This two year course is split largely into areas of physical and human topics, which are taught by two subject specialists. The depth, and complexity of Geography at this level is much greater than previous years, but students are well-equipped and well-supported to meet all of its challenges, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with understanding the real-life, real-people, real-world issues that are covered.

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Additional Learning Resources

Please visit Moodle VLE for 6th Form course resources and kerboodle.com for online GCSE textbooks. Teachers can provide login details for this.

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