Religious Studies


Mrs M Gee – Head of Religious Studies & Citizenship
Mr M Harper-Responsibility for KS4 RS
Mr J Charlesworth
Mrs Y Wraight
Mrs C Vardy
Mrs A Lewis
Mrs J Otway
Mr J Wood – Headteacher

Aims Of The Department

  • to promote an enquiring and lively interest in the study of religion
  • to enable pupils to develop both knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of religion
  • to increase pupils’ awareness of the varied and challenging nature of religion
  • to foster an approach which is supportive and which enables pupils to be questioning and searching, sympathetic to beliefs which are different to their own, whilst at the same time building upon their own understanding of their Christian commitment
  • to enable pupils to understand both: the ways in which religion is reflected in different life styles and the ways in which it influences societies, as well as understanding the impact of Christian commitment in their own lives
  • to help pupils identify and explore issues relating to the meaning of life and to ultimate questions that are the function of religion
  • encourage pupils to relect upon religious responses to moral issues
  • enable pupils to reach conclusions about issues that affect them in an open yet supportive environment so that they may develop self confidence and express themselves effectively

Objectives Of The Department

Pupils will

  • investigate the evidence of religion in the local community and some of the reasons for religious diversity
  • discover what all Christians have in common
  • learn about some of the main practices of Christianity
  • consider their own relationships with people around them, in particular, members of the school community and their own family
  • consider Christian ideas about people
  • challenge some commonly held ideas about God and look at philosophical ways to express the concept of God
  • investigate some of the ways in which other people express their religious belief and commitment to God
  • give thought to the ways in which religion influences individual and social life
  • become familiar with the structure and content of the Bible and with its claim to authority
  • develop knowledge and understanding of Christian responses to a variety of issues of contemporary importance
  • begin to develop reasoned responses to moral issues that most affect their lives
  • understand diversity in human responses to the divine and respect commitment in others


Religious Studies is an interesting and stimulating subject and students should expect to enjoy their studies. Much of the material is thought provoking and demanding and lessons often involve discussion and debate. Students should feel confident to express themselves freely and respect the comments and opinions of others. Above all, they must be prepared to work hard and aim consistently for the grade appropriate to their previous attainment.