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Abuse and Bullying


Abuse can take many forms. It can be verbal, physical or sexual. It is never ‘normal’. It is never the victim’s fault. Abuse in any form is serious and no-one of any age should suffer it. If you are being abused there are people to help and protect you. If you think you know of someone who is being abused there are people you can ask for advice. In school Mrs Soper is the appointed person to ask advice from, and in her absence, Mr Burt.

Useful Links

  • Childline – A helpline for young people in trouble or danger. Childline can offer help with any problem, large or small. Freephone number 24 hours a day 0800 1111.
  • Child Protection Contacts – A comprehensive list of contact information for child protection organisations.
  • Neglect Matters – A guide for young people about neglect
  • Child Protection Policy


If you are being bullied or are worried about someone else you must tell someone. Talk to your Form Tutor, your Head of Year, the School Nurse, the Peer Mentors, the Counsellor – just make sure an adult knows, then something can be done to make it stop.

Useful Links

  • Anti-Bullying Policy – View the school’s policy on bullying.
  • Bullying – An excellent site offering support for young people, parents and schools.
  • Anti-Bullying Campaign – A telephone helpline if you are being bullied or are a bully. Telephone 0207 378 1445 Monday – Friday 10.00am 1.00pm.
  • The Bolsover Bullying Helpline – Staffed by students aged 11 – 18 years to give practical advice to parents and children regarding bullying. Telephone 01246 241111 on a Wednesday during term time 4.30 – 9.30pm (answerphone also available).
  • Kidscape – Helping to prevent bullying and child abuse. Telephone 0207 730 3300 Monday – Wednesday between 9.30am and 5.00pm. Leaflets and booklets also available.
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