Who you can talk to in school

Here at St. Aidan’s we care about your health and well-being. If something is worrying you it is well known that this can affect other aspects of your life. Talking does help, and below are a number of people you can speak to in school about any concerns you may have.

Form Tutors

You can speak to your form tutor about any worries including schoolwork, homework and friendship issues. You may speak to them in form period or leave a message for them at Reception.

Head of Year

Your Head of Year is responsible for your welfare whilst you are at school. You may talk with them about any academic, social and family concerns you may have.


The Chaplain’s room is next to the Chapel. If you wish to talk with a Chaplain about anything then they can contact you in school if you ask your Form Tutor or the Office staff to make an appointment for you.

ILC Mentors

The team in the ILC are available for you to speak with in school. The mentors are there to support students with a wide range of academic concerns and with emotional wellbeing. You can talk to them in the Independent Leaning Centre.

Medical Room Nurse

Mrs Powell is a qualified nurse. Her role in school is to look after your medical needs, whether physical or emotional. She is available to chat at break and lunchtimes or can make an appointment for you.

Peer Mentors

These Year 13 students are trained in listening skills. They know what it is like to be a pupil at St. Aidan’s, and there won’t be many problems, however small, that they won’t be familiar with and know where to get help. Please talk to them if you are worried about, for example: homework, schoolwork, friendships, bullying. They support students in lower school form rooms.

Community School Nurse

You can talk to our Healthy Child Nurse, about any health concerns you may have. An appointment with her can be made through Mrs Soper or Mrs Powell.

School Counsellor

Mercie Kennedy is available in school. She can be found in RS, next to the Chapel. Appointments can be made via Head of Year or there are referral notes on her door.

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