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Personal Safety

Personal safety is about the responsibility you have to take for your own safety, whether that’s travelling to and from school, or when you’re out and about with friends. Make sure you stay with friends, you keep in touch with parents and you are where you say you’re going to be. Think about your safety in online too. Stay safe!


  • If you have any questions/problems regarding travelling to and from school on the bus, contact the bus company directly or the school office.
  • Cycling – If you wish to cycle to school, permission should be sought from your Head of Year. Make sure that your bicycle is safe and properly maintained and in winter you should wear safety armbands so that you can be seen by drivers. It is strongly advised that you wear a safety helmet. The school cannot be responsible for your bicycle while it is on school premises and you are advised to have it insured
  • Walking – Avoid walking to and from school alone and avoid known danger spots and stick to well lit, well populated paths and areas. Obviously, do not talk to strangers and if you are concerned about anything, inform your parents and school as soon as possible.

Younger pupils, especially Year 7, should remember that if, at the end of the school day, you miss your bus, or lift, or fail to meet up with friends to walk home with, do not set off alone; come back into school to reception to get some assistance.

Personal Safety

  • E Safety – North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children’s Board website with many useful links dealing with protecting young people online
  • Chat Danger – A site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, emails and on mobiles

Sun Safety

  • Sunsmart – SunSmart is the UK’s national skin cancer prevention campaign. On this website you will find information about skin cancer and sun protection
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