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Drugs Advice

At St. Aidan’s we are strongly opposed to the misuse of all kinds of drugs by the school community. However, we recognise that many drugs, including tobacco and alcohol are increasingly available to young people. The websites listed here explain the dangers and risks of drugs that we all need to be aware of.


  • Go Smokefree – An NHS site looking at the facts, the myths and the media.  Most people killed by tobacco started smoking when they were teenagers. This site helps you understand that stopping smoking isn’t easy and the best solution is never to start in the first place.


  • NHS Choices – An NHS site where you’ll find all sorts of information about the effects of drinking.
  • Alateen – A helpline for young people with alcoholic parents, carers or friends.
    Helpline: 0171 403 0888 Monday – Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm


  • Drugs Policy
  • Talk To Frank – This is an independent Government funded website with information for students and parents on all drugs related issues
  • Solvent Abuse – This site contains information for anyone concerned about VSA. This is sometimes referred to as inhalant abuse, sniffing or glue sniffing
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