"Life in all its fullness"

St Aidan’s Charity Committee

The aims of the School Charity Committee are:

  • To encourage positive relationships between adults and students, and also amongst students themselves.
  • To give pupils an opportunity to actively help others less fortunate than themselves within the community.
  • To provide students with a platform to voice their ideas on how to be caring and active citizens and make a positive contribution to their community through school based, fundraising activities.

The Charity Committee meets regularly (once a month) to discuss which charities to support, how to raise funds within the school community and to break down the tasks into working groups. Charity Form Representatives then report back to their Form groups to ensure all students are aware of the charitable activities decided upon by the committee as a whole. Some of the older Charity Reps will sometimes report to the whole staff during the weekly staff briefing.

If a student has any suggestions or a wish for funds to be raised for a specific cause they should e-mail them to admin@staidans.co.uk, for them to be taken for further discussion with the Charity Committee.


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