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Eco Club

Eco Club was started by students across Key Stage Three as they wanted to help their planet in the wakening crisis.

In 2018, students were learning about palm oil and raising awareness by writing to companies advising on sustainable palm oil. In addition they raised money and sponsored an Orangutan who lost his home from palm oil deforestation.

Students have continued to be passionate about helping the planet and during 2019 they raised money for The Woodlands Trust to plant trees, along with acquiring their own garden at St. Aidan’s which is planned to be a wildflower area to attract bees and butterflies, in addition to sponsoring an Amur Leopard and a Polar Bear who have lost their homes due to human impacts. Towards the end of 2019, eco club were working on how they can make the school more environmentally friendly running a pen recycling scheme and running assemblies on how to be eco-friendly at Christmas!

Eco Club meets on Tuesdays at 12.50pm. Please go to the Geography Office to collect an early lunch pass.

We don’t want to save the world. We want to live in a world that doesn’t need saving!

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