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There are many excellent virtual, plus a few hands-on, opportunities currently being offered by global companies and organisations across a wide range of careers sectors – please take a look at the full list by clicking the red Virtual Work Experiences button above. New experiences are being added each week so check in regularly for updates.

 Please contact to advise us of your participation and for any other questions, information or guidance – available via email, Teams or phone.

Work Experience is a vital part of our careers programme and enables students to better understand where and how their unique skills and talents might fit into the Future World of Work.

Invariably this proves to be a powerful and sometimes a pivotal experience, opening eyes and minds to career opportunities and paving the way towards future goals and aspirations. Most importantly, it inspires confidence and reassures students that they have, or can develop, skills that employers need. Moreover, it is as important for young people to find out what work environments and practices they are not suited to as it is to recognise where their interests lie, and which career path might best match their unique set of talents. Work Experience – Why How and Where? gives further detailed information and links to various informative sites.

St Aidan’s has excellent links with businesses and charitable organisations in North Yorkshire and is an active and long-standing member of the Harrogate Chamber of Commerce and other business networking groups. The link below gives an infographic overview of the positive outcomes of over 600 individual work placements since 2016 and also celebrates the companies and organisations who so generously invest their time and resources to support our students and inspire their future.
Infographic Summary and Employment Partners 2016 – 2020

We strongly promote our annual Work Experience Programme and encourage students to use their own networks or proactive research techniques to secure a placement in specified weeks at the end of the summer term. In addition, a combination of one-to-one help and advice via lunchtime drop in workshops, plus access to a comprehensive work experience database ensures around 200 successful opportunities each year.

COVID-19 Update

In summer 2020 all work placements were cancelled due to the pandemic and current circumstances would predict that a comprehensive programme will not be reinstated by the Summer Term 2021. However, innovative companies and organisations have developed a number of diverse, good quality Virtual Work Experience opportunities. Most take 5 or 6 hours to complete, many are certificated following completion and all would deliver useful insights into a specific career sector and make strong additions if referenced in a CV or application. In addition, from Bio-Medical Engineers to Human Resource Specialists – Meet the Career Professionals contains links to videos and transcripts from a number of people talking about their career journey and current job roles.

Mrs Farrar, our Work Experience and Business and Community Partnerships Coordinator complements the work of the Careers Advisers in offering bespoke work experience information, advice and guidance. To make an appointment, call 01423 815835, email or

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