If your child comes to school by car, you must not drive into either the Main School or Bede House car parks. Also, please do not drop or pick up on Oatlands Drive itself – use the side roads instead. If you visit the school, you must only park where permitted – not in places where double yellow lines indicate “No Parking”.

If your child wishes to cycle to school, permission should be sought from their Head of Year. Make sure that their bicycle is safe and properly maintained and in winter they should wear safety armbands so that they can be seen by drivers. It is strongly advised that they wear a safety helmet. The school cannot be responsible for their bicycle while it is on school premises and you are advised to have it insured.

Bus Travel

Update on Proposed Bus Routes – July 2016

Updated 21st September 2016

The application process for transport into school for 2016/2017 is now open. For those of you wishing to apply please contact the individual operators by email. They will process your application and supply the necessary bus passes for travel on their coaches. If you wish to discuss any of the above or have further questions relating to the bus routes these queries should be directed to the individual companies. If your child will be using a service bus such as Transdev, as far as we are aware these services will not be affected.

Students traveling from Leeds areas can apply for their bus passes from Generation M  Their telephone number is 0113 348 1122.

Bus Travel Code of Conduct

Bus information will continue to be updated as the bus companies continue to feed information through to St Aidan’s and St John Fisher.

Click here to view the West Yorkshire Bus Routes for 2016/17.

Click here to view North Yorkshire Bus Routes for 2016/17.

A&A Coaches

Telephone: 01423 325300

New AA26 Timetable 2017

New AA25 Timetable 2017

New HG24 Timetable 2017

New HG27 Timetable 2017


Telephone: 01677 422858 (Option 3)


Telephone: 01423 339600

X52 on current fares is £2.45 return or £11.75 weekly from Weeton.

X71 & X72 are currently charged at £500/550 with a probable increase of  £50 p.a. from next year (2016/2017).

X11 and X21 the cost of the return bus journey will be approx £2.50.

Cost of X73 is yet to be confirmed but will be a service bus.


Email: Route 7H Boroughbridge:
Telephone: 01347 838990

7H Timetable

You will also find some useful information about transport for vulnerable pupils on the North Yorkshire and Leeds City Council websites, these can be accessed by clicking on the links below:-

Denom extract from Policy Oct 2015

There is further information about school transport at NYCC’s website. The transport website address is:






North Yorkshire Bus Routes

Table of Bus Routes North Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Bus Routes

Table of Bus Routes West Yorkshire