Year 7 science in the snow

Published on 15th Jan 2021 in Science | Year 7 News

7W have shown fantastic resilience and adaptability in their science learning as we have changed from school learning to home learning and back again several times this year.

On Friday 8th January we were due to be learning about calculating pressure. Snowshoes are a great example of how changing the area we are standing on changes the pressure we exert.

Dr Holt was planning to teach this lesson from school. Since is snowed we all had to be at home and so we swapped our usual worksheet for going outside and making improvised snowshoes with cardboard!

We found cardboard wasn’t really strong enough but still helped us sink less deeply into the snow.

Well done for all your fantastic pictures and calculations to go with them 7W and especially Ava who had to get home from her keyworker bubble in school and still joined us on the live lesson from home and was first to get her photos sent in!

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