St Aidan’s Virtual Chamber Choir

Published on 1st May 2020 in Alumni | Music | School News

During the extraordinary locked-down days of April 2020, 64 current and former members of the St Aidan’s Chamber Choir and 4 music staff have been working on a virtual performance of the hugely popular worship song “King of Kings” by Yorkshire songwriter Jarrod Cooper. This song features regularly in our collective worship at St Aidan’s and is truly an Aidan’s Anthem!

The virtual choir members stretch as far back as 2002 and have answered the call for them to submit their own video and audio tracks. The resulting mix is a heart-warming, uplifting collaboration for these uncertain times by St Aidan’s musicians across the years and locations. We hope you enjoy it, especially on this weekend when, last year, we celebrated St Aidan’s Jubilee!

Click here to listen

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