St Aidan’s students triumph at the annual Rotary Club Technology Tournament

Published on 5th Feb 2020 in School News | Year 10 News | Year 12 News | Year 9 News

The St Aidan’s Design and Technology Department assembled five teams to compete in the annual Rotary Club Technology Tournament held on Tuesday 4th February in Constance Green Hall. The students were competing against teams from other schools from across North Yorkshire.

The students representing St Aidan’s school were:

Foundation category (Year 9):

Team 1 – Oliver Clark, Ruby Stewart, Bella Taylor and Brodie Watson.

Team 2 – Deaglan Bell, Thomas Hayes, Annie Stanton and Natalia Walker.


Intermediate category (Year 10):

Team 3 – Abbie Hancock, James Harker, George Sharratt and Sam Walker

Team 4 – Luas Broadberry, Taia Port, Cameron Tucker-Brown and Rohan Turner


Advanced category (Year 12):

Team 5 – Alex Dixon, Tia Hodges, Eve Million and Noel Thomas


The details of the challenge were kept secret in a sealed envelope and only revealed to the students at the start of the competition.

This year, each team had to design and make a vehicle to travel up an inclined surface using the energy of a falling weight and a few simple gears. The teams were assessed on planning, design analysis, design development, teamwork, making and the success of their solution.

Team 2 went on to finish in 1st place in the Foundation Level challenge, while Team 5 came 3rd but won 1st prize for their design portfolio. Well done to everyone involved!

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