Interform Results

Published on 14th Jul 2021 in School News | Sport | Year 7 News | Year 8 News | Year 9 News

Once again, another year of Interform competitions have come to an end and once again the students have been brilliant in their engagement and efforts towards the various sporting events. Many students have taken part and friendly rivalries have continued. Games were tense and results close. Cross country revealed great runners and personal qualities of determination and resilience. Athletics allowed spectators to watch and noisily cheer on team mates. A huge congratulations go to all the students who took part, every competitor earned valuable points for their form. All form groups performed superbly, but the final results were:

Year 7
1st place – 7E and 7W
2nd place – 7C, 7D and 7S
3rd place – 7P
4th place – 7G and 7Y

Year 8
1st place – 8C and 8P
2nd place – 8E and 8G, 8S and 8W
4th place – 8D and 8Y

Year 9
1st place – 9H and 9P
2nd place – 9C and 9W
3rd place – 9G and 9S
4th place – 9D and 9Y
5th place – 9E

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