School Council

St Aidan’s School Council

The aims of the School Council are:

  • To encourage positive relationships between adults and pupils, and also amongst pupils themselves.
  • To give pupils a “voice” in the school.
  • To provide pupils with a facility on how to be good and active citizens and make a change in their day to day lives in school.

The School Council meets regularly between October and June and discuss a range of possible and practical improvements in the classroom, the buildings and the school in general.  Issues and concerns raised by pupils go through their Year Representatives who are voted in at the start of the school year. Head of Years discuss the issues with their Year Representatives and prioritise these issues before being passed on to the School Council and the School Leadership Team.  Some of the issues raised this year are listed below:

  • Range/ service of food within the school restaurants
  • School rewards system
  • Recycling
  • Reports and expected levels
  • Careers

If a pupil(s) have any suggestions about issues they would like discussed at Council, please e-mail them to