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‘Geo’ comes from the Greek word meaning earth. Geology means the study of the earth. Since it is concerned with a whole planet, it is a very broad and interesting subject, which involves such questions as:

  • How was the earth formed?
  • What is the earth made of?
  • How has the earth changed since its formation?
  • How has life on earth evolved?
  • Where can important metals and fuels be found in the earth?
  • How is the earth affected by people using its natural resources?

Many of these questions are difficult to answer because they are about things that happened millions of years ago or at a very slow rate. To answer them, Geologists need to be Scientists and Detectives. They must study clues left by events from the past and compare them with earth processes today. They must also test their theories by setting up suitable experiments. Only by linking together many clues and separate pieces of information can we begin to explain what has occurred during the vast history of the earth.

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Why choose Geology


Mr P Edwards – Head of Department


In Geology A Level, students will work to gain essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of Geology and how they relate to each other, developing critical practical, mathematical and problem-solving skills and awareness of how Geology contributes to the success of the economy and society.

For further information please see our Sixth Form Prospectus and Summary of assessment

Additional Learning Resources

Please visit Moodle VLE for Geology Resources or speak to your Mr Edwards or Mrs Robinson regarding additional learning resources within the Geology department.

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