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Careers – Year 8

Year 8 Careers Newsletter September 2022


Year 8 is a good time to start to reviewing possible future plans and research different occupations to discover what qualities, skills and qualifications are needed for these.

During Careers activities students will have the opportunity to explore how their ambitions, likes and dislikes have evolved and how this now influences their future careers plans. They will also focus on understanding issues relating to stereotyping and discrimination through an introduction to occupational and labour market information.

Students will use their occupational knowledge to investigate a range of careers and develop an awareness of the opportunities available in their local area and those which may suit their educational and personal goals.

Students will also examine the changes that have taken place in the workplace over a period of time and apply their knowledge to consider the nature of change on their planning for their preferred future.

As part of the tutor led activities, Year 8 students will build on the topics covered in Year 7, with sessions that include:

Exploring their Ambitions and Goals


The Future of Work

Exploring Different Occupations

Useful Careers Websites: click here

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