"Life in all its fullness"

Careers – Year 10

In Year 10 students will focus on the contribution that personal attributes and effective communication skills make to their future life and work roles.
Students will have assemblies focussed on decision making and post 16 options, some of which will be led by local colleges and employers. Students are also invited to lunch time industry and insight talks that we hold throughout the year.
Students will participate in tutor led activities that highlight the skills needed to gain access to Post-16 options such as applications for both education, further training or apprenticeships. They will also once again examine the future of work and changes within the labour market. Other topics include:
Self Promotion and Positive Image
Competition for Jobs
CVs and Letters of Application
In Year 10, all students will participate in a Careers day which will involve sessions and workshops on:
Career Sectors and Labour Market Information
Employability Skills
Teambuilding Activities
The Future of Work



Virtual Work Experience

Many companies have developed some excellent Virtual Work Experience opportunities which have proved so effective that the format is most definitely here to stay. Professionals working with some of the UK’s largest companies and nationally recognised organisations have devised engaging and insightful online work experience opportunities. This has provided students with opportunities that ordinarily they may not have had access too.
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