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Slides from the Post 18 Options Evening held on 9th June can be accessed via the link below:

Post 18 Options Presentation 2022

Careers Department Notices wc 27.06.22

During your time in the Associated Sixth Form the Careers Department will work with you and your Senior Tutors to help you make Post-18 applications for university, college, apprenticeships and employment or to plan for a gap year. We will also provide further guidance on applying for student finance and replying to offers you receive.

Individual career guidance interviews can be booked directly with the Careers Department within private study periods to help you decide what to do after Sixth Form.

2021 Leavers Figures

Percentage of students progressing to Higher Education – 73%

Percentage of students progressing to Further Education – 1%

Percentage of students entering Employment – 10%

Percentage of students starting a Gap Year – 16%

We very much recognise and value the input of parents and carers and are keen to support them in helping their sons and daughters make informed and realistic career decisions. Parents and carers are welcome to attend career appointments or can contact the department at any time to talk to a Careers Adviser.

Information on Post 18 Options for Year 12 and 13 Parents/Carers

The following presentations offer information to help support students with their Post 18 planning:
St.Aidan’s Careers Department Post 18 Options Evening Presentation – Post 18 Options Presentation 2022
An Introduction to Higher Education – Leeds Beckett Presentation to Parents
An Introduction to Student Finance and Budgeting – Lancaster University Presentation
Survey of the Student Finance and Budgeting – Student Finance and Budgeting Presentation
Apprenticeships – Degree Apprenticeship Presentation
Further information – The Graduate Market in 2022
For further information on all the above please contact us on 01423 818534 or email

Useful Careers Websites: click here


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