Author Bali Rai Visits School

Published on 1st Mar 2022 in English | School News | Uncategorized | Year 7 News

Year 7 were treated to a brilliant talk with Children and Young Adult’s author Bali Rai this morning.  Rai invited the children to exercise the brain by reading regularly. He highlighted the benefits reading has on your wellbeing including; higher self-esteem, confidence and an overall feeling of being happy and fulfilled. The children were jokily divided into two groups ‘Slugs’ and ‘Zombies’ – Slugs being those with a fixed mind-set and Zombies a growth mind-set.  Year 7 were reminded of some famous people we know about with a growth mind-set and how amazing things can be achieved this way. Other topics discussed were ‘Britishness’ and the origins of words and he left us with a final note about our human superpowers, the most important one being empathy.  Such an inspiring morning for our young people and teachers alike.


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