NEWS ARCHIVE: February 2021

Race to Lindisfarne!

Published on 3rd Feb 2021 in School News | Sixth Form | Sport | Wellbeing | Year 10 News | Year 11 News | Year 12 News | Year 13 News | Year 7 News | Year 8 News | Year 9 News.

In the last two weeks before half term we are going to have a school competition to see which year groups and students can walk/run/cycle the furthest! We would like to see how many times each year group can make it to Lindisfarne, the home of St. Aidan, and back. Lindisfarne is 150 miles away […]


Sixth Form Students join the ‘Americast’-We Need to Talk About Kevin

Published on 2nd Feb 2021 in Politics | Year 12 News | Year 13 News.

Last Friday 29th January at 11pm, two of our students were asking some questions to Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis on the BBC 4 Radio show-Americast! This is a really popular Podcast that the students listen to in their Politics lessons and after a week of emails asking to be on the popular show the […]


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