Flight simulator takes off!

Published on 06 Oct 2015 in Science, School News.

St. Aidan’s has been successful in getting onto the Falcon Initiative, an innovative project that aims to inspire and motivate 13-18 year-olds by providing them with an opportunity to engage with a practical, fun and educationally-relevant engineering and business project. Importantly, this project will enable students to experience the practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects in a real world context.

This competition challenges students to make a fully working flight simulator. The students already have the fuselage of a plane sorted but will need a number of other parts to get the flight simulator fully working. The team for the competition is currently being put together, but it will be made up a range of ages.

The project is sponsored by the Royal Aeronautical Society and Boeing and we are one of only a handful of schools lucky enough to join this challenge. If you can offer any expertise or parts please let Mr Wilson in the Physics department know.