• Do NOT go in any water (pools, river, sea) unless you have checked with your host parents.
  • Popular beaches have designated swimming areas. If there is a designated swimming area, swim in that area.
  • Beaches may have a strong current, an undertow. Take advice.

Snakes And Spiders

  • Before you picnic or go walking, check with your host parents.

Bush Fires

  • Always follow the advice of your host family. Be aware that fire risks will be different in the bush or countryside.

Excursions, Trips Into Town

  • Take your contact details, bus/tram numbers with you. Do not put your address on a key fob.

Medical Conditions

  • Australia is hot in summer, temperatures are often in the mid 30’s. Take and wear a hat and apply high factor sun creams.
  • Asthmatics must have medication. Take extra inhalers in case you lose one. The plants and, consequently, pollens will be different.
  • Complete the medical forms for the host schools as requested.
  • Ensure you have your own family’s medical insurance to cover you. Ask your parents.

Travelling To Australia

  • You must always be in one group. Do not split up into threes and fours. Boys and girls should be responsible to take care of each other.
  • Toilets. Go in groups of 3 as a minimum for safety reasons. If there are only, say, 2 boys on the exchange, ensure there are two girls waiting together outside the gentleman’s toilet.
  • Be aware that the airline refuses to take legal responsibility for the St. Aidan’s party. However, you will be recorded as “unaccompanied minors” with the airline for the flight. This means that a member of staff should be checking on your safety occasionally.
  • As a group, sit in a public area where you can be seen.
  • Do not go wandering off to explore. Stay where there are members of the public.

Singapore: Refuelling—If Applicable

  • Stay in the lounge area closest to where you got off the plane.
  • Do not explore the terminal.
  • Go to the toilet in groups of 3 or more.


  • If you fall out with your partner, talk to them or their parents. Do not let things stagnate or fester.
  • If there is a problem with your host family, talk to your exchange teacher immediately.

Learner Drivers

  • You must not accept any lifts with people being taught to drive.


  • You must not travel as a pillion passenger.