Year 9 Australia Exchange

The Australia Exchange programme has been running successfully for over twenty years. The school has well-established links with Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne. At the end of Year 8, pupils are able to apply. The following are required:

  • an application form
  • a personal profile
  • a letter (see below for details)
  • a collage of photographs of you, your family and the outside and inside of your house

In addition, parents need to read and sign the Agreement and General Information.

For any pupil wishing to be considered, they must have an outward going personality, an excellent school record and good organisation to catch up with work upon their return.

The exchange takes place over two six-week blocks. The St. Aidan’s pupils will go to Australia for six weeks in March/April and the Australians will return for six weeks in May/June.

Please note, all applications must consist of an application form, a letter of application and a personal profile and must be typed, together with a collage of photographs that is no larger than A3 size.

Letter Of Application

The letter must be written by the pupil applying for the exchange.

The letter should outline the reasons why the pupil wants to participate in the exchange. It should include personal qualities, any relevant experiences or travel, how he/she copes away from home, how to deal with a problem and what is necessary to make a reciprocal exchange successful.

The letter should be approximately 300 words. Please note that your letter and application form will be sent to the host school in Australia and your potential host family.