E-safety information

Published on 25 Mar 2015 in School News, Year 7 News, Year 8 News, Year 9 News, Year 10 News, Year 11 News, Year 12 News, Year 13 News.

An E-safety evening took place for parents at St. Aidan’s on Tuesday 24th March.

The evening provided an opportunity for dialogue and information giving about a variety of internet safety areas. The evening schedule was as follows:

  • Internet use in a school context and an introduction to PSHE content in Year 8 – Mr Alker (Head of Year 8)
  • St Aidan’s ICT education program – Mr Watson (Head of ICT)
  • North Yorkshire Police’s viewpoint – PC Stephenson
  • Guarding students within a school context and specific social media discussions – Mrs Soper (Deputy Head)
  • Opportunity for informal questions

Some key highlights from the evening are listed below:

  1. The majority of children are safe and happy using the internet, but it is easy for some to become immersed in the digital world – it is an integral part of their social life.
  2. Parents are advised to keep talking to their children about their internet use thereby empowering their decision making about what is right and wrong.
  3. There are many opportunities for cyber bullying on social media and children can feel very harmed by actions which can be viewed by many other people; some parents make the decision to follow or ‘friend’ their child in the early days of their use of social media.
  4. It is important that children should only befriend people they are confident they know because of grooming and exploitative issues.
  5. Parents should try and insist on device free time, especially meal and bedtimes.
  6. Digital footprints can be used to convict individuals.
  7. On-line activity – particularly over-use of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook can affect self-esteem and potentially lead to psychological issues.

If anybody would like hand-outs which were distributed on the evening,  copies are available from Main Reception.