Product Design – KS3

In KS3 Product Design students are taught how to design and make high quality products that satisfy a variety of needs and purposes. Students learn about materials and components, as well as the safe and accurate use of tools, equipment and machines. All of this is taught through a variety of practical based projects

In Year 7 students are introduced to the environment of the workshop and taught how to use the tools and machines accurately and safely. They start by making a wooden “Bug House” and then move onto an electronic “Steady Hand Game”. Students learn a wide range of new skills such as soldering an electronic circuit board, using the vacuum forming machine to make a plastic cover, heat treating metal and working with smart materials.

In Year 8 students make and package a CAD/CAM clock using state of the art 2D CAD software and one of the departments’ three laser cutters. In addition, the students work on a creative design based project to design a make a scale model of an “Outdoor Seat” aimed specifically at young people to go in the Harrogate Valley Gardens and

In Year 9 students continue to use the departments’ CAD/CAM hardware and software to produce a laser cut acrylic “Phone holder” and “Pewter Cast Jewellery”. In addition, students have the opportunity to develop their hands on practical skills through projects such as the “Photo Frame”, “Handy Carry Box” and “Wire Figure”.