Food Technology – KS4

Year 10

Students study the AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course throughout Years 10 and 11.  The content provides the ideal for students who wish to further develop their practical skills to a higher level.  These skills are then combined with an in depth knowledge of nutrition and an understanding of the science of the ingredients which further enhances their technical practical abilities.

The students’ progress to plan and develop full meals allowing them to apply their knowledge of dietary needs.  These include different cultures, special diets and awareness of global environmental factors.

Year 11

Year 11 students focus on their two Non Exam Assessment (NEA) coursework projects. These are extended pieces of both practical and written work.  The marks account for 50% of the Food Technology GCSE qualification.

NEA 1 is a ‘Food Investigation’ task where students are given a task to research and carry out food based experiments to further understand the science of their ingredients.  For example: ‘To investigate the ingredients used to thicken sauces’. The project is completed over 10 hours and will include documented findings of their practical investigations.  They submit a written report of 10 pages and will contribute to 15% of the final GCSE grade.

NEA 2 is ‘Food Preparation’ task where students are given a brief to create a number of dishes over a three hour period.  They are given the opportunity to showcase their technical skills and apply their theoretical knowledge.  Evidence of research, planning and evaluation are all part of the project which is submitted as a 20 page document prepared over 20 hours.

The task is worth 35% of the final GCSE grade.

The students complete the final aspect of the course by sitting a 1 hour 45 minute written examination paper at the end of Year 11. This accounts for the additional 50% of the qualification. For further information on this course please refer to the AQA website