There are various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) activities which take place in school.

Science & Engineering Club

This involves pupils from Years 8 and 9 working after school on a science and engineering project. Activities have included looking at air power, building hovercrafts, space and chemical reactions.

Science Club

This takes place at a lunchtime for pupils in Years 7 and 8. Many fun activities take place including making slime, ‘dragon’s breath’ and crash helmets for eggs.

Both clubs also enter local and national competitions.

GCSE Astronomy

Mr Wilson teaches a GCSE Astronomy course for Year 12 students. This will involve after school lessons and fieldwork activities using telescopes! This is a valuable enrichment activity and has been received enthusiastically by the students.

STEM Careers Event

This is a bi-annual event organised by the Careers Department. Over seventy universities, higher education providers and employers attend the event and give valuable insights into how Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can lead to a huge range of careers.