Science at KS4

All Science courses in Years 10 and 11 are courses that encompass all three Science subjects; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Science is offered in two ways which allows the best one suited to an individual pupil’s needs to be selected.

All choices involve the study of Science for the same number of periods a week.

The Separate Sciences – Biology, Chemistry & Physics

This is a course which is taken by those who are aiming for a career in the Sciences or in other areas where entry requirements are high and competition is strong. The course has a higher level and amount of content than the Combined Science option and because of this is a more demanding choice. Success in each of the individual Sciences will lead to three GCSE certificates.

Combined Science

In this course the individual Science subjects are taught separately. The syllabus is a reduced content version of the three Separate Sciences. A good result in the course will be an adequate preparation for students to continue with the Science at Advanced level. The Combined Science course is equivalent to two GCSEs.