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Mr M Symes – Head of Chemistry
Mrs R Christy
Mrs A Craig
Miss H Fenton
Mr N Dinsdale

Aims And Objectives

Through the study of Chemistry, we aim to:

  • stimulate enjoyment and interest in the subject and its methods
  • encourage pupils, across the ability range, to reach their full potential in the subject by stimulation, encouragement, support and setting tasks of an appropriate standard
  • get pupils to appreciate the relevance of Chemistry in everyday life and the need for careful controls so that Chemistry causes no damage to the environment
  • train pupils in the use of apparatus, equipment and chemical substances, including an appreciation of the hazardous nature of some of these and the confidence and skill to deal safely with them
  • develop the ability to collect and analyse scientific data critically, using the relevant graphical and numerical skills
  • prepare the students to take further study in Chemistry and other closely related subjects.

Chemistry At St. Aidan’s

The Chemistry Department at St. Aidan’s is an extremely popular and successful one. At KS4 we offer Separate Science: Chemistry, and Combined Science Chemistry all based on the OCR Gateway examination. At Advanced level we teach OCR Chemistry (Salters). We have approximately 280 students in Years 12 and 13 studying Chemistry, over many years students have enjoyed considerable success at Advanced level to go on to follow careers in Chemistry, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering and the Bio-Sciences.

Within the Department we aim to support the needs of all students; challenging and stretching the more able students but, at the same time supporting students who find the subject more difficult. We operate an ‘Open Door’ policy which allows students to find us to ask for help whenever they need it. The Chemistry Department occupies six laboratories within the school. These laboratories are well-equipped with a wide range of glassware and also some pieces of apparatus that are only usually found in university laboratories.

The Department makes use of ICT as an aid to teaching and laboratories are equipped with digital projectors.