KS4 Biology

From November our year 9 students begin to work towards the OCR Gateway Biology GCSE, a thorough course with strong emphasis on practical skills and scientific thinking skills.


Key Practical activities include

  • Microscopy and magnification calculations
  • Identification of biological molecules
  • Ecological sampling strategies and techniques
  • Factors that affect enzyme activity
  • Factors that affect photosynthesis rate
  • The effect of exercise intensity on heart rate
  • Antibiotic and antiseptic effectiveness
  • Osmosis in different plant tissues
  • Dissection of transport tissues and organs


Through these practical activities and follow-up work, students will be helped to improve their analytical, evaluative and mathematical skills.


Over the past 3 years, biology results have been outstanding, with value-added grades (as part of the science faculty) in the top 1% nationally. In terms of grades, 63% of students achieved A*/A, 99% achieved A*-C.