Sixth Form Religious Studies

The Associated departments aim to provide high quality academic teaching for A level students and also to stimulate interest and open-minded debate. Respect and understanding are demanded at all times. All the teachers at both schools are specialist Religious Studies teachers with many years’ experience of teaching at A level. Religious Studies is a popular A level course that is valued by universities.

Examination Board – OCR

Entry Requirements – A grade B at GCSE in Religious Studies and English as well as fulfilling the general requirements for entry to the Sixth Form. If Religious Studies has not been taken at GCSE level, a high level of ability in other essay type subjects such as History, must be shown.

What Students Have Said About Philosophy & Ethics

“It helped with my other subjects because I learned how to think in a philosophical way”

“The course made me think more deeply about issues and it also made me more logical”

“I just enjoyed it”

“I liked the ethics, you can’t be complacent”

“I got a lot of help from my teachers, they encouraged me and made me work hard!”

“When I went for my interview for Veterinary Science they asked me lots about ethical issues like testing on animals so I was glad I had chosen to do RS”

“Studying ideas and thinking about issues just seems to make you more aware”

“We looked at some ancient philosophers as well as modern ones and I was surprised how relevant it seemed to everything in the modern world”

“We wrote essays, read books and articles and also had time for discussion in class”