Is Psychology for me?

Will Psychology Suit Me!?

To answer the question ‘Will Psychology Suit me?’ you have to understand the skills you will have to have and be willing to develop during the course: You will have to be comfortable writing essays and you will also have to be happy learning about what Psychologists do with the numerical data they collect. This is why you will need grade B in GCSE English and Mathematics. The course will also suit you if you are interested in and enthusiastic about human behaviour and the way the brain works! If you’re not, then it’s probably not for you!! So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I interested in finding out how I remember things?
  • Would I like to find out whether or not a person’s childhood years affects the person they become later?
  • Am I interested in why people become stressed and how to manage stress?
  • Am I interested in how we define and explain abnormality and in how abnormalities are treated?
  • Would I like to understand the mental processes behind of conformity, obedience and disobedience?
  • Another thing you need to have an interest in is the research methods used by Psychologists: from laboratory rats to questionnaires!

If you have answered YES to all these questions then you should enjoy the AS course!! Hopefully you will also enjoy relating what you meet in lessons to your own life to those of people you know and to the behaviour of those you hear about in the media.

What Will Be Expected Of Me?

Good question to ask!!

The most important things are that you go to all of your lessons and do all of the work set by your teachers.

We want you to get as involved in your learning as possible and the best way to achieve this is to come to each lesson with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm to learn.

Each of your two teachers will set you one piece of homework each week. This may vary a great deal in type: sometimes they may want you to just do some reading; other work may be a written task, and a third type of work may be learning for an unseen test question. Finally, you may be asked to produce something for a presentation; if this is something you feel uncomfortable about, just let your teacher know.

We will also expect you to accept the range of teaching strategies that your teachers will employ. Sometimes it will be traditional lecture style, but they will also do discussion work, use videos, interactive software, organise group tasks, do class experiments.

We will expect you to manage your time so that you meet deadlines. This means that sometimes you will have to be prepared to put other activities on hold and maybe ‘burn the midnight oil’, but if that is what it takes to meet the deadline. So be it!!

A Level study is not easy! Your teachers in the department will do everything they can to support you. However we will also expect you to be proactive in your learning. This means talking to your teachers, asking questions, doing some extra reading from text books, and re-reading and adding to your notes at the end of a day.

Your teachers will know what your target grade is, so we will be aiming to see you produce work that is at least to that standard.

We really want you to enjoy the course, so let us know if you’re not!!