Extra Curricular Information


Each year the Politics Department organises a trip to London in conjunction with Economics and History. Central to the trip is a tour of Westminster where we visit both houses of parliament and meet with the local MP. We also visit the Imperial War Museum, the Churchill War Rooms and watch two top West End shows. The aim of the trip is to increase the students’ understanding about the workings and development of democracy in the UK. We are also exploring a possible trip to the USA. More information about this will follow shortly.


Politics is about getting involved. In 2015 and again in 2017 the Politics Department ran mock elections alongside the general elections. In 2016 we held a whole-school referendum on whether Britain should remain in the EU. These events aimed to make students aware of how democracy works in the UK. Politics students led these different polls, helping to form political parties, create publicity, take assemblies, organise the voting and count the votes.


We also seek to promote interest in politics by inviting in speakers. During the 2017 election we hosted the Stray FM Hustings, which saw a lively debate between five candidates from different parties. We also invite in speakers at lunchtimes throughout the year to hold Q&As, such as Lord Kirkhope MEP and ex-student Richard Burgen MP


The Politics Department also runs the Sixth Form Debating Club. This entails weekly informal debates at lunchtimes. We also enter inter-school competitions, such as the School’s Mace.