KS3 – Year 8 & 9 Spanish

The Year 8 and 9 Spanish course is a fun and challenging introduction to the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. Children will have the opportunity to link with Spanish speakers through the internet. This course provides a firm foundation for GCSE Spanish and beyond.

The course is divided into 6 units of work:

Unit 1 – ¡Beinvenido! (Welcome!)

greetings; names; alphabet; numbers; age; months; birthday; pencil case and school bag contents, classroom language

Unit 2 – Tu Y Yo (You And Me)

where you live; brothers and sisters; family members; personality; physical description; pets

Unit 3 – ¡Vamos Al Instituto! (Let’s Go To School!)

school subjects; likes and dislikes; days of the week; telling the time; timetable; school life

Unit 4 – En Casa (At Home)

types of housing; rooms in the home; morning and afternoon routine

Unit 5 – Mi Pueblo (My Town)

places to go; directions; the weather

Unit 6 – El Tiempo Libre

sport; hobbies and pastimes; going in to town; at the weekend; helping around the home

Learning Better!

Pupils can make rapid improvements in their language learning by following some simple steps:

  • Keep work in your exercise book as clear and neat as possible.
  • Make a list of new words (vocabulary) and learn these every week. Parents can be a great help with this!
  • Use the website http://www.linguascope.com/ St. Aidan’s Modern Languages department has subscribed to this especially for pupils. The username and password are available from your class teacher.