Wider Reading Policy

The English Department liaises closely with Mrs Roth, the Librarian, to promote reading.  Additionally, the English Department also encourages wider reading at every opportunity. A recommended reading list is sent out to Year 6 pupils before they arrive at St. Aidan’s which they can start over the summer holiday before the new term and then continue at regular intervals in their English lessons through KS3.

Library Induction

Year 7 experience a Library induction programme in their English lessons. These are based in the Library at regular intervals. The aim is to promote the enjoyment of reading but also to teach reading skills and familiarise students with the procedures, systems and resources available in the Library.

Library induction sessions for KS4 and A Level students are also organised not only to promote reading, but also to show them where they can find texts appropriate to the courses they have chosen to study.

Suggested Reading Links 2018/19

Other Wider Reading Initiatives

National Poetry Day and World Book Week are two examples of national events which the English Department and the Library promote through wall displays, competitions, readings etc. Other initiatives include:

  • Visiting authors
  • Trips to hear authors discuss their work
  • Students reading recommendations placed on the intranet and school newsletter
  • Staff as reading role models: photographs of various staff and non-teaching staff reading their favourite book to be placed around the school site
  • Sixth Form book buddies to pair with reluctant readers