Design & Technology


Design and Technology is taught by seven teachers across the four main subject areas – Engineering, Food, Textiles and Product Design. The teachers are ably supported by technicians who assist with the daily running of the department as well as managing resources for the wide range of projects.

Mrs J Betteridge – Head of Design & Technology & Food Technology
Mr N Botterill – Head of Engineering/Product Design
Miss L Blewitt – Food & Textiles Teacher
Mrs A Hedges – Food & Textiles Teacher
Mr R Kirkpatrick – Product Design Teacher
Mrs T Mallender – Product Design Teacher
Miss M Walker – Food & Textiles Teacher
Mr J Turner – Technician
Mrs R Black – Technician


In Design and Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills through creative thinking to design and manufacture products that meet human needs. They learn to think creatively to improve the quality of life and solve problems as individuals and members of a team. Through design and technology, pupils develop confidence in using practical skills and become discriminating users of products. They apply their creative thinking and learn to innovate.

In Years 7 and 8, students study Design and Technology across the three areas of Engineering, Food and Textiles. In Year 9, the students opt to specialise in two of the three areas. At GCSE and A Level, students can study courses in Engineering, Product Design, Food and Textiles. Through these courses the students will follow a programme of practically based projects to develop skills in research analysis, creative design, product development, planning, manufacturing, testing and critical evaluation of their work.

Interest in technology is reflected in the thriving clubs held at lunchtime and after school. Students in our Engineering club have the opportunity to design and make everything from rockets to hovercraft. In the Textiles Club students create unique, fashionable and fun products from a variety of recycled materials. Within the Cookery Club students gain the experience of making a range of exciting and different products to further enhance their practical making skills.

We have achieved successes in a number of local and national competitions, including the Rotary Technology Challenge, Rotary Young Chef Award, the Harrogate College ‘Can Cook, Will Cook’ competition, the Toyota Solar Challenge and the Green Power Challenge. The department has strong links with the industrial world and offers a number of educational visits for the pupils, including: Fox’s Biscuits, Betty’s Cookery school and factory, Danby Foods, LSS Waste Management and EMTEX (textile design).