ASDAN Award Scheme


Mrs C King – Centre Co-ordinator

What Is ASDAN?

ASDAN stands for Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network. ASDAN Education courses are designed to develop learners’ personal and employability skills through an engaging and challenging curriculum of activities, leading to a certificate of accreditation or achievement. St. Aidan’s has run a variety of ASDAN courses for over twenty years.

Aims And Objectives

The broad aim of the course is to enable young people to understand themselves and others better and to become more prepared for making the transition to adult life.

ASDAN courses provide a flexible, activity-based programme together with a framework for assessment, which facilitate the development and accreditation of personal and social skills within a variety of educational, training, employment and community contexts.

ASDAN courses enable students to have an increased sense of ownership and control of their own learning – vital in raising levels of motivation, achievement and self-esteem. They support both a formative and summative processes by providing opportunities for students to be involved in:

  • the assessment of their own learning
  • the setting of clear and achievable goals
  • identifying and reflecting on their progress and development opportunities
  • summarizing achievements and compiling a portfolio of supporting evidence which recognizes personal achievements

ASDAN courses develop personal and social competence (through the negotiation and completion of  challenges) which is crucial  in maximizing opportunities for life-long learning and in becoming an effective member of adult society.

What Courses Are Available?

Towards Independence (Foundation Group At KS4)

Towards Independence provides a framework to develop and accredit personal, social and independence skills.  There are more than fifty modules available and the first of these – Starting Out – is compulsory.  This module enables learners to be helped to recognise achievements and plan targets and challenges, which can then be developed through further modules.

The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

The COPE course is available at KS4. Students choose it as an option at the end of Year 9.  It is studied for five hours per week instead of choosing a Modern Foreign Language and opting for the Single Science GCSE.

There is no terminal exam, instead students take part in a variety of practical as well as academic activities to produce a portfolio of evidence which is externally assessed to gain a nationally recognised qualification. Each activity gives the students the opportunity to learn and develop the Wider Key Skills (Working with Others, Problem Solving & Improving Own Learning/Performance); the Skills of Personal Effectiveness (Research, Discussion & Oral Presentation); the Skills for Success in Adult Life (Creativity, Resilience, Writing for a Purpose and Numeracy).

The Diploma in Life Skills

This qualification develops personal, social and employability skills.  Students build a portfolio to evidence their achievements. It comprises units covering the following areas:

  • Independent Living
  • Personal & Social Development
  • Community Awareness
  • Personal Safety
  • Preparation for Work